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A mall in Southern New Jersey where there's a Vans Skatepark open late, which is only good for shooting pool at a cheap price (dollar a game).

In fact, we played 8 games in a row last night (lasting a total of approx 2 hours) while all the gothic mallrat emo fucks waited and moped around for their turn but were too afraid to say anything because of our muscular physiques. One of them looked like the Undertaker, only fat and out of shape, and another looked like Silent Bob, only he was a douchebag. Eventually they left in dismay and we laughed at them, causing us to vomit our Ricardo Coconut Rum that we had drank earlier all over the table, which made sure that no one else would be playing pool for a long, long time.
Only an idiot would pay 20 bucks for 3 games of pool, so we went to the Moorestown Mall and took over.
by Chernorizets Hrabr December 05, 2004

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