a nigger on the moon.. therefore coon + moon = Moon Coon...
what do you call niggers on the moon?

a moon coon
Top Definition
A white coon/white nigger. A racial slur for a white person. The term exists to describe white people because the moon gives off a whitish colour.

Example of moon coon

Australians are a bunch of moon coons. All that they know how to do is to get drunk, take drugs, commit crimes, and vandalise property.

by JJ54 March 08, 2009
A new racial slur which is applied to ethnic Indians since their successful completition of a lunar mission.
"Man I'm starving, let's go get a curry off the Moon Coons."
by Metlex September 25, 2009
A "white coon" therefore a white person, to be used in the same context as dolph therefore only to be used by white people in a nonoffensive fashion. anyone else will be taken as offence, in the same vein as "nigger" for african-caribeans
A. Hey Moon Coon!
B. Whats goin down moonie?
C (not a moon coon). Whats up moonies
A and B stare. Dude get out
by Shauniblib March 22, 2007
a very large behind/buttox... oversized booty... more cushin for the pushin'
steven that girl you know has a mooncoon!
by Kay DG September 04, 2006
A Girl with an Enormous Ass
"Wow look at that girls moon coon, its so damn big"!!
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