A terribly great song by Cibo Matto.
Woah! "Moonchild (Mouse on Mars Remix)" just came up on my playlist! Fucking excellent!
by myumyu June 05, 2004
Top Definition
I rather unique individual, often described as being slightly crazy and over emotional. Moonchildren sometimes say strange things, but hey, thats how a Moon Child rolls!
Aka Annmarie is a Moon Child
by Bvfdyh mingf December 14, 2013
A GREAT movie starring Jrock Artists Gackt and Hyde.
The Movie Moon Child KICKS ASS!
by arania May 17, 2004
Moonchild, Seventh Son, Iron Maiden
I am he, the bornless one, the fallen angel watching you...
by dila June 21, 2004
really awesome movie starring japanese idols; Hyde and Gackt. The movie mixes vampires....and yukazas, truly a great movie
I saw moon child last night and dreamed about little hydes floating around my head for the rest of the evening
by mp066712 May 19, 2005
Typically referring to those born under the Star Sign Cancer, since the moon is their ruling planet.
"I'm a fire sign, you?"
"Oh, I'm a moon child."
via giphy
by Wayward Moon Child May 07, 2016
baby wherewolf. child born under full moon. smells like a wet dog. by hippies. bit hairy. has ugly teeth. terribly ferocious. has odd compulsions for shagging showerlegs.
"whats paul doing with that showerleg?" "Those pesky moonchildren theyve gone and messed it all up!"
by anton+jo+taylor+sarsy+hattie January 14, 2004
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