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1) A collage or collation of images and text expressing a certain topic or subject, often used to generate ideas or for project work. Getting past the "mood board" stage of a project is often a big step for anyone who thinks they are soled
2) Metaphor used to describe lack of work, suggesting that very little work can obtain high marks just due to the fact that a "mood board" is being used.
3) An idiot's idea of hard work
1) I have a bunch of pictures that I've printed off the internet and stuck down. I have a mood board.
2)Don't worry I'll pass my course, I've done a mood board!
3)soled chav 1 - "Dnt wory sir, iv dun me mood bord so its safe, innit, no detention 4 me 2nite, yes boss, u knows, true dat safe.
by samstorm July 03, 2005
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