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People get called 'stars' all the time. A moo star (or 'mooing star') is like a level 9000 star, and a super sexy one at that. A rawrsome star. Genuine moo stars aren't only the most special kinds of stars, they're also so random, eccentric and unpredictable that most people can't keep up. Apart from being lovable like a giant bunny that just wants to hug everything, they also tend to be very excitable, loving and affectionate towards people who deserve it. And did we mention sexy?
"Rawrrr that's right people, she's a moo star! You can't touch this!"

"I'm a burger man, and I love nomming on moo stars."
by Burger of Wisdom January 06, 2012
A very cute starfish with the coloration of a cow.
I came across a real moo star the other day when I was at the beach.
by eternalsorrow95 November 09, 2012