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Dividing a football field into one foot by one foot squares throughout the entire field. Then selling raffle tickets to each of the thousands of squares. Next, renting a cow (moo) and having everyone feed the cow until it poo's. If the cow poo's in your square you win.


My sister
Do you want to buy a moo poo raffle ticket?

No, I don't want to spend my Saturday watching a cow shit on the ground.
by djcrimp December 25, 2008
A gay poo head.
Chris Lehrman
by joe March 28, 2003
The polite way of saying bullshit
Dude1: I can tell by the way that Jenny said it, that it was totally Moo Poo....
Dude2: For god sake man, whats wrong with the word 'bullshit?????'
by Little Miss Mayonnaise June 30, 2005
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