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1) A creature part cow, part fly, part pure awesomeness. Usually found in the hottest night clubs and parties. Also seen when completely wasted. Cause they exist Ooo! And CAN I GET A MOO MOO!? pretty please...

2) A word uncommonly used to describe anyone who is cool

3) The coolest thing ever, besides me... duh!
The Moo Fly deemed me awesome! And I my Mom is letting me wear pull-ups now! Cause I'm a big boy now! I'm special...
by Nomadsapian October 14, 2008
A Cow with fly wings, has super powers yay! He Can fly and has the power to manipulate energy around him. He also is surrounded by a layer of negative energy that acts as a shield. He is known for being strange and obnoxious. Also dubs people awesome for absolutely no reason...
Woman:Help I'm getting robbed
MooFly:Here I am to save the day *farts*
Robber:Oh my god what did you eat?
MooFly:Roadkill and this *pulls out dead squirrel half eaten*
Robber:That's what the? *barfs*
Woman:Oh my...
Robber:You're sick *runs away*
Woman:I'm covered in... disgusting!
MooFly:You're thanks is reward enough citizen!
Woman:Get away from me freak *slaps him and runs*
MooFly:What freaks! I ain't dubbin' them awesome worth crap sheesh!
by MooFly April 04, 2009