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In the 1940s, when segregation was on the rise, a white man by the name of James Manton invented what is known as the "Crotchal Stimuli Injection System" - a.k.a. the modern day penis pump. Manton knew that the only way that the white man would be able to compete with a black man's penis (see Alabama Black Snake) was to "stack the deck". What was the result? On average a 12.75 inch purple armored warrior known as the Montgomery Monster.

Much folklore surrounds the Montgomery Monster, and some local tales tell of the beast separating itself from the host body, pillaging major towns, and adding to its vast empire of dick royalty.
"The Montgomery Monster destroyed my home, raped my wife, and ate my children. However, it was damn impressive. I need to get me one!"
#alabama black snake #penis #white #awesome #monster
by Lord Terry Hughes September 17, 2009
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