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An EDM (electronic dance music) record label based in Vancouver, Canada. Mike Darlington, CEO,23 and Ari Paunonen, COO, founded Monstercat in July 2011.1 Monstercat is a team of 10: Mike Darlington (Co-Founder, CEO), Ari Paunonen (Co-Founder, COO), Jon Winter (Head of Music, also known as the artist Going Quantum), Rob Allen (Merchandise Manager), Gavin Johnson (Head of Licensing), Ryan Petrie (Design Manager), Dan Scarcelli (Podcast & Music Manager), William Casarin (Lead Developer), Jack Zhang (Developer), and Connell McCarthy (Designer and Web Developer).
Unlike other labels that sign artists, Monstercat signs their artists on a per-track basis, giving them full copyright to a song while still giving the artist freedom to release other productions where they see fit. Monstercat releases 3 new tracks per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. After certain amount of releases - currently 30 - Monstercat puts all of them into a compilation album; however some do not go in the album because they are either a promotional release for something else or because the artist has released more than two tracks within the time frame.

I love Monstercat so much. <3
Some of my favourite songs promoted by Monstercat Media:
Kill the Silence by Muzzy
Dust Devils by Muzzy
Nightrider by Draper
Run Away From Me by dot.EXE

Self Destruct by Pegboard Nerds
by TheOriginalHobo June 12, 2014