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Originating in July 1st, 2011; Monstercat Media is a record label gaining popularity who takes up small name artists from a spectrum of electric genres and promotes them.
Occasionally they will produce mixes with a certain theme such as an album or time of year.

On their Youtube channel they release a new song every week from one of the people on their team as well as occasionally put up free songs for download.

Their genre pool consists of: Glitch Hop, Nu Disco, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), House, Drum and Bass, Drumstep, Hard Dance, Trance, Electro, and Dubstep.

Their most noted artists that are currently on the team are Going Quantum, Rogue, Tristram, Vicetone, Matduke, and Droptek.
Their previous members whom they've released due to an increased popularity would be Ephixa, Mr. FijiWiji, Pegboard Nerds, and several others.
"I can't find any good dubstep! Do you know where I could find something I'd like?"
"Try looking up Monstercat, they promote a lot of really good dubstep producers and some other stuff you might like too!"
by Blizzrdball June 04, 2013
The most popular AND fastest growing Electronic Dance Music Media Label on YouTube. They promote artists such as Televisor, Pegboard Nerds, Nitro Fun, Mr. Fijiwiji, Krewella, and many others.

They release three songs every week on their YouTube Channel
They have a weekly podcast on their Hub.

Every few months or on Special Holidays, they release a new Album.

They promote several genres including Electro, Drumstep, Nu Disco, Indie Dance, Progressive House, Drum and Base.
Have you heard the newest Pegboard Nerds song on Monstercat?
by EbearV1.0 December 16, 2014
A company called Monstercat Media who creates music, mostly dubstep
Hey! Have you heard Monstercat's new song?
by MCWizz January 28, 2012
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