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(v.) To take such a massive hit of a joint, bowl, or bong to the point where you think you are about to pass out and you can't speak right.

Andrés- *takes monster hit*

Jon- ...Oh my god

Andrés- *holds in the smoke*

Jon- That was huuuuge!

Andrés- *blows out smoke*

Jon- Are you gonna be okay?

Andrés- Dude. Im feel pike I gonna weed a hopstital.

by AndresG. December 29, 2008
To take a massive toke of a cannabis. The smoke should be so milky and full that onlookers cannot help but watch in amazement. Intense coughing may follow.

Also the name of a song by Shpongle, off the album "Are You Shpongled?"
"It was a monster hit!"
~Raja Ram
by Trance in Austin May 29, 2009
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