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The phrase "Monocle Swap" refers to a sexual act being performed by two distinguished and exceedingly classy/cultured individuals, of any gender combination. (male/female, female/female, and male/male monocle swaps are all possible.)

The act can be described as follows: Mid-coitus (in any variation/position) the two involved parties simply exchange eyewear (in this case, a monocle or two) in a gesture of extreme intimacy and respect for each other. This can be considered as the sexual equivalent of a hat-tip on excellent sexual performance and prowess.

It has even been documented that the act of monocle-swapping itself has lead to intense orgasms and the formulation of "Great American Novels" and speeches of note.
"I say! Last night's monocle swap with George was the finest I do believe I've ever had! Simply smashing"

"Really, old bean? Well, then. I shall bequeath my monocle onto Cynthia's face tonight... along with a little something extra!"

*mutual laughter and pipe smoking ensues*
by Funcommunist June 07, 2012

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