the plural of monkey
alicia and all her friends are monkies.
by todd November 11, 2003
Top Definition
monkey like, monkey like tastes, almost always untrue, always playing games, masterminding everyone, masterfucker, but joyous fellow, heavy drinker, everything' f-cker
GW was sure a monky punk
by phijo29 October 01, 2011
1. A hairy animal

2. 2 girls called Katie Orpin and Poppy Gibson

3. A racist term for blak people
Look at the fucking monkey doing no work

look at them two monkies
by d-diggley-69 April 25, 2007
MONKY, Adjective: to be monk-like. Also: celibate. Not to be confused with "monkey" (a small to medium sized primate).
DEVOUT CATHOLIC: I really want to be a priest.

BISHOP: Are you monky enough?
by Agnos Morehead August 05, 2006
another fun word for penis
girls love big monkies
by Anya March 09, 2005
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