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MONKY, Adjective: to be monk-like. Also: celibate. Not to be confused with "monkey" (a small to medium sized primate).
DEVOUT CATHOLIC: I really want to be a priest.

BISHOP: Are you monky enough?
by Agnos Morehead August 05, 2006
6 9
monkey like, monkey like tastes, almost always untrue, always playing games, masterminding everyone, masterfucker, but joyous fellow, heavy drinker, everything' f-cker
GW was sure a monky punk
by phijo29 October 01, 2011
1 0
1. A hairy animal

2. 2 girls called Katie Orpin and Poppy Gibson

3. A racist term for blak people
Look at the fucking monkey doing no work

look at them two monkies
by d-diggley-69 April 25, 2007
7 6
another fun word for penis
girls love big monkies
by Anya March 09, 2005
5 16
the plural of monkey
alicia and all her friends are monkies.
by todd November 11, 2003
7 31