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A pejorative term used to describe any non-English and especially, non-European language that sounds incomprehensible to racist English speakers i.e. ALL OF THEM.

Mostly because they never consider the speaker human enough in the first place so no efforts were necessary to learn their language even though you spent time in that country. It's much easier to laugh at the poor locals who try to do business with you in their limited English.

Again, exceptions depend on your racial preferences. If it's that beautiful Castilian girl you met in Barcelona, Spain and hear her speak only Spanish, you will want her to speak indefinitely even though you don't understand a word of Spanish.

However, if it's Juarez from Mexico, Cuan from Brazil or Pierre from Cameroon speaking Spanish, Portuguese or French respectively, they're nothing but monkeyspeak.

Pakistani/Indian: Kya main aapse akeley mein kuch baat kar sakta hoon? (Can I speak to you alone?)

English speaker: No monkeyspeak, Abdul. Say what you want in English.


Chinese speaker:(Where did you go for dinner yesterday?

English speaker: Whatever the fuck you meant in monkeyspeak!!!


Kulạ seneng kepanggih
kaliyan panjengan!! (pleased to meet you)

American tourist: Speak in English, Gook baboon. I don't understand monkeyspeak.
by Guru Gulab Khatri August 31, 2010
Black man talk in a rhythmic fashion. I.E rapping.
Dammit boy, turn off that goddam Monkey Speak!
by Pedro Jay July 02, 2011
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