Slapping someone with both hands on either side of their face, in a clapping motion.
Inspired by Donkey Kong.
Oooh triple KO with the MONKEY CLAP!
by Ben Berkowitz March 20, 2008
Top Definition
This term comes from the movie "What Lays Beneath" in which two lesbians have sex in the bathroom. One of the women bends over the sink while the other fingers her from behind. She inserts both hands such that they are facing each other, palm to palm, and then she begins a clapping motion. Reminiscent of a toy monkey with symbols, the term monkeyclapping was born.
Holy shit! Last night was crazy. I just monkeyclapped that girl that we met at the frat house.
by Hey Girls Club October 01, 2007
n. An open handed bitch-slap across the face of someone. CAn be used outta hate or playing around.
"I just monkey slapped the shit outta Steven"
by Craig February 28, 2005
When you take your hand, spread your fingers out, and slap someone in the face.
Daniel monkey clapped Jennifer for trying to play him .
by Daniel November 12, 2004
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