a jive ass mini bladder with four legs and half an ass because the other half got et.

monkey dog : aka jack russell.
by monkey dog dad October 13, 2008
Top Definition
A Monkey Dog (commonely refered to as a Jack Russel) is a Jive Ass, Jumping Jack, little bladder with four legs. They typically pick one Master and spend their entire life either trying to jump up their master's ass or dreaming about jumping up the master's ass. They are very intelligent and very stuburn. They know when they do wrong but just don't give a monkey's rat ass. They pretend to be sorry but don't you be fooled. Some Monkey Dogs have their own pet cats. These cats are refered to as "Monkey Dog Cats" because they are Monkey dog's cat. Monkey dog cats look like cats but they act like monkey dogs.
For Example when I walk into the house I scream "Where's My MONKEY DOG?" I turn arround and pull the monkey dog out of my ass. Not far away is Monkey dog cat staring intensly at the monkey dog.
by Monkey Dog Daddy (Eddy) October 16, 2008
My boss is an ex porn star. He came up with the sexual position called 'MonkeyDog'. This position involves doing a women or as he preferred man in the doggy style position whilst monkey gripping their arms behind their back with a solid pounding action. In some rare cases this position has been incorrectly named 'The Seagull', but don't be mistaken this has been incorrectly named by fuck wit people with no idea of the real name or the true inventor.
Jane loves the MonkeyDog, like a fat kid loves cake.

"i just sat through Twilight with Jane, hopefully i get to Monkeydog her now"
by klitt February 05, 2010
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