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A tree which originates from Chile. Brought to the UK for the sole purpose of confusing American tourists who know little about trees and the UK in general. Looks different and therefore attracts conversation. Many UK citizens are well informed about its origins but due to its unusual name, US citizens often believe them to be untruthful in its namesake.
US tourist: Hey what tree is that?

UK Citizen: Why thats the Monkey Puzzle Tree!

US tourist: No way, your totally making that up.

UK Citizen: Of course not and I can even prove it on the internet.
#americans #monkey #puzzle #trees #chile #united kingdom
by treegeek2606 June 29, 2009
While some people think this is a real name for a tree, the experts based in Texas, who are currently studying this type of "tree" in England, know better. In fact Monkey Puzzle Trees are simply a name that come off the top of someones head when trying to appear a know it all in front of a large group of people.
-What tree is that over there?

-oh well its a Monkey Puzzle Tree, you know like the game, thats what it is named after of course.
#tree #monkey puzzle #silly #know it all #shrubbery
by carrollexchangetreelover June 28, 2009
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