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In the film industry on low budget films, Monkey Points means that the talent (the actor, ...) receives a percentage of net profits instead of gross profits. Eddie Murphy coined the derogatory term because film industry accounting never shows a net profit and talent should always insist on points on gross profit, not net profit.
Eddie Murphy turned down the part saying he'd never be fool enough to take Monkey Points!
by CrazyManNo9B December 08, 2010
A point made in argument which is reasonable, intelligent, and probably ends the discussion right then and there. There are no comebacks for Monkey Point.

Also: A synonym for 'logic'.
We were arguing about National Education, and then Matt made a Monkey Point, so I had no choice but to surrender to his superior logic.
by RP2016 December 11, 2012
A person is rewarded monkey points when the hit a monkey
Katelyn got monkey points when she hit Diddy Kong in the head.
by Mic Dundee September 06, 2008
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