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A game where a hard neck slap is the result of a dumb comment.In order to obtain a "Monica Neck" a series of words must be said in any order to lock in the punishment.They are Black magic,white magic,silver magic and No changing(No specific order). To block a "Monica Neck" you must say any of the previous words before they say the entire thing.The rules of Monica neck are:No public slapping, Each Monica Neck must be filmed(phone,camera ect...)No Monica Necks under the influence of ANYTHING.To receive a Monica neck you must stand bent at a 90 degree angle and then receive your slap bare skin.Also a "Neck Save" can be called, if u obtain 10 neck saves in a weeks span on one player they must recieve a "Monica Neck".The final rule to Monica Neck is once you start, there is no way out unless you receive a Monica Neck from every player and the only way out of a Monica Neck is by giving the punisher $10.(The game is never ending without getting Monica Necked to get out.)
Cheeks:Yo where are my keys?
Ryan:Bro your holding them!
Ryan:Monica Neck! Silver magic, Black magic, White magic, No Changing!
by Walter Rodriguez November 05, 2007
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