The crossing of a monkey and penguin as designed in the comics strip created by two geniuses in Washington Township, Michigan. Not to be confused with a mongoose, because whoever made that up is not paying attention obviously.
Also an aol screen name.
Matt Smith's Screen name is Monguin69 for aol and yahoo.
by Matt Smith March 05, 2007
Top Definition
A Monguin is a retarded penguin
Look at that monguin over there. He's stuck on that ice floe.


Arthur is such a monguin he thinks he's a water sheringham


Mummy! Mummy! Can we go see the monguins in the zoo. I like when they lick the windows!
by arseblog2 September 23, 2010
If you cross a mongoose and a penguin, you have a monguin. Patricia is a monguin.
I love my pet monguin! =D
Monguin is teh secks!
My monguin can beat up your fridge!
+3l-l /\/\0/\/9l_l!/\/ p\/\/n5 u!
by Minkers July 25, 2004
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