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A variation on the classic "69" position, this act involves both partners licking each others' anus simultaneously.
Jane was tired of being the only salad tosser in the relationship, so she talked John into trying a little Mongolian barbecue.
by D4W May 23, 2006
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a restaurant where you serve yourself with small, inconvient dishes that when you finally get to the grill. you only like 5 pieces of chicken
"im so hungry, lets go to Mongolian Barbecue!"
nah, you wont get any food, their dishes are to small
by usafchef September 10, 2011
The act of receiving simultaneous anal cunnilingus and a hand job immediately after receiving a blumpkin following a hard, sweaty workout.
Roommate 1: Hey we're out of toilet paper.
Roommate 2: Thats ok, just get a mongolian barbecue with your girlfriend.

Roommate1: I better make sure we still have toothpaste.
by cuseJenkem July 11, 2009

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