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These ladies are the filth of society. They search out a partner and the only attribute that is of interest to them is financial. Often seen with gentlemen twice their age, or in large expensive vehicles. They very rarely have children as they are too selfish to look after anyone except themselves. These ladies are the same as whores, except they have to stay with the client until he dies, then claims the money that the client (husband) has left her.
Samuel: Wasn't the funeral sad, I didn't see any tears from the dead mans widow though, I thought it was his daughter until Debbie told me it was his wife.
Mark: Yeah, she's a "Money Slut", she was fucking behind his back for years, I even had a piece of her ass last May. She's loaded now though.
by Paul Fleming July 10, 2006
A Money Slut is a person who wants only money with no regard to society, the environment, or to humanity.
I am a Money Slut and I am here to make lots of money and if I kill some fish or run some people out of their homes that is all right by me.
by MikeSpeaks May 17, 2011
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