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To take out a wad of money (ranging from singles to hundreds, No loose change) and slap someone (in the face) with it, ©Wavo of NYC invented it.
Wavo money slapped MrShaggy with one 100 dollar bill, MrShaggy didn't go to school the next day, due to the humiliation.
by MrShaggy135 May 19, 2010
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When you take a large wad of money and slap someone across the face saying "money slap". Money slapping has a double effect of not only slapping someone but doing it with money to show them just how poor they are.
Corey money slapped Brandon with 5 singles and a 10.
by CJslick February 14, 2006
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Original creator of the Money Slap was George from Brooklyn, New york. The densest and most expensive money slap to date was done with $300 in singles. Grimiest money slap done by Jamique of Broolyn who took $200 dollars in singles out of the bank and money slapped the bum outside and redeposited the money back into his account.

Jamique money slapped the taste out of the homeless guy outside Chase Bank.
by Jarrid S February 17, 2006
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