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1) When one's hands are full of money (region dialect = money bags)
2) When one has been working in a shop as a cashier - dealing with and handing money
1) Oh hello Mr Money Hands
2) "Oh gosh my hands smell of money", "Dude, you have money hands"
by Mr Money Hands July 16, 2005
That nasty metallic smell that gets on your hands after handling change. One can also contract Money Hands from touching certain types of metal that give you the same smell on your hands. Rusty metal or unclean metal that is touched frequently (e.g. a bathroom door handle) will often give a person Money Hands.
Oh crap, I needed another ten cents, so I gave the cashier a dime and now I've got money hands.
by MozillaBruh September 17, 2015
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