Representative Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, who is known for a budget that he claims will preserve current government programs without bankrupting the nation.
Even though the congress and the president made claims regarding stimulating the economy, the Money Badger did a thorough analysis that refuted their assertions.
by Joe Jack Wallace August 12, 2012
Top Definition
Someone or group of people driven solely by pursuit of the almighty dollar. Seeking out money in the same spirit as the two famous Honey Badgers; one from youtube and the other from college football.
Matt: The BCS college football national championship game is wrong again, they didn't give Oklahoma State the shot they deserved this year, and Kansas State got screwed out of a big bowl game too.

Jodi: I thought they were supposed to pick the best teams for those football bowl games??

Matt: Yeah, right? The BCS is a damn Money Badger.

Jodi: Money Badger?

Matt: Yeah, I know you saw that youtube video on the Honey Badger right? Well......BCS don't care, BCS wants it's money, BCS don't give a shit about Oklahoma State or Kansas State, they'll steal money from anybody they can.

Jodi: (laughing) I see, it's a bad thing.....playoff please!!
by Matt-NM December 08, 2011
The Money Badger is the most gangster animal in the animal kingdom.
It just takes what it wants, and has no regard for any other animal whatsoever.
Nothing can stop the Money Badger when it's patrollin.
The Money Badger does the work, and all the other animals just get the scraps.
Those boys just rolled through here like Money Badgers!.They don't give a shit!
by C. Money Badger June 23, 2016
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