Representative Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, who is known for a budget that he claims will preserve current government programs without bankrupting the nation.
Even though the congress and the president made claims regarding stimulating the economy, the Money Badger did a thorough analysis that refuted their assertions.
by Joe Jack Wallace August 12, 2012
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Someone or group of people driven solely by pursuit of the almighty dollar. Seeking out money in the same spirit as the two famous Honey Badgers; one from youtube and the other from college football.
Matt: The BCS college football national championship game is wrong again, they didn't give Oklahoma State the shot they deserved this year, and Kansas State got screwed out of a big bowl game too.

Jodi: I thought they were supposed to pick the best teams for those football bowl games??

Matt: Yeah, right? The BCS is a damn Money Badger.

Jodi: Money Badger?

Matt: Yeah, I know you saw that youtube video on the Honey Badger right? Well......BCS don't care, BCS wants it's money, BCS don't give a shit about Oklahoma State or Kansas State, they'll steal money from anybody they can.

Jodi: (laughing) I see, it's a bad thing.....playoff please!!
by Matt-NM December 08, 2011

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