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Less crude slang term that refers to ANY person who possesses the following qualities: Ignorant, Unintelligent, and Belligerent. In short: an Asshole or Asswipe.

Note: It is unfortunate that some of the people considered to be "Mondays" are born and raised in less then suitable environments, and therefore, can't be blamed for who they are. It is also important to note that the majority of a whole ethnic group was oppressed and forced into poor living conditions which intern causes the generalization of that whole ethnic group to be labeled as "Mondays".

Monday:" Mel Gibson sure is a Monday"

Mondays:" The KKK, NBPP, and every other Gang who creates hate and violence are a bunch of Mondays"
by UnderGod January 14, 2011
the designated night of the week when the library is overrun by mondays (african americans) that have no intentions of studying. instead they turn the library into a socially interactive area where anything is acceptable
I was going to go the the library last night, but then i realized it was monday mondays and that the library is the last place in the world i could get work done
by xkoo October 26, 2009
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