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A word made up by some twat who wanted to get a slot on Urban Dictionary, and if you asked anyone what one actually was, they'd just give you a funny look.
"I need a word to put on UrbanDictionary... let's see.... fire... Molotov cocktail.... Cock.... MOLOTOV COCK-HOLE!"
by The Antitroll August 18, 2011
1. Verb. The act of a male jacking off with lighter fluid, setting his penis on fire, and then inserting it into a woman's vagina, in an attempt to put it out.

2. Verb. The act of setting a woman's vagina on fire, and then trying to put it out with a male's genetalia.
"Wow, you know Sophie? She let me molotov cock-hole her last night! It burnt off both our pubes!"
by BigDaddySanta August 13, 2011
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