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A person or group of people (Usually Hawaiian or Part-Hawaiian males) that exhibits the behaviors of such traits (Obnoxious, Aggressive, Ignorant, Disrespectful, Egotistical) in Electronic Music Events. Usually lacking respect and knowing of the scene and disrupting the people in it.

Moke Ravers, usually seen shirtless and talking in a 'Pidgin' accent. Main goals are to prey on Raver girls, steal and start fights with other mokes from other areas within a 2-Mile radius.

Mostly all Raver Mokes are intoxicated at such events and act accordingly to behaviors of the average Moke.
"Wow you see that dude trying to shuffle?"

"Yeah they all look like they don't belong here"

"What a bunch of Moke Ravers"
by WNDR August 23, 2012

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