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A phrase used when some says or does something stupid or ridiculous.

Guy 1: I Think I Shat Myself?
Guy 2: Mohinder Please!
by Shaegan Vishal March 19, 2008
Enlighten me, remove darkness, confusion or bail me out!
Hush: I am stuck and unable to make up my mind about the color. Someone mohinder please!

Salesgirl: Pick the red one, I will mohinder you!

Hush: Ta.
by luvrogers May 07, 2013
When there is too much confusion, contradiction and contention, then to remove darkness and bring clarity, one can invoke some help.... Mohinder please!!
Hush:OMG! All scarves look cool. Which one should I pick? Mohinder please!

Salesgirl: Roger, Mohinder please!
by Luvrogers May 06, 2013
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