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Someone who will just speak their mind no matter what or who might purposefully say things or do things as a matter of protest or expression. A Mohamed drawer is not concerned that his actions might get him killed because the importance of expression or protest against something he considers evil outweighs either the fear he feels or the scruples he has. Mohamed drawers could be praised for speaking their minds but also despised for the MDs willingness to challenge them to put their threats to action. Their unofficial slogan is "Eff 'Em!" MDs care about speech too much to just let this threat against it slide, because, as an MD must have thought in one way or another - once you start there with MDing, why not wander off into other, more "important" important areas like journalism, politics and even religion as opposed to merely MDing
Did you see that South Park episode with Mohamed in a bear suit?

South Park has always been a Mohamed drawer or sorts, but but do you think they're line stepping?

Naw, they have the right to draw whoever they want in my book, eff em if they can't take a cartoon. There are more pressing issues in the world and the sooner the better that they should learn the West protects free speech. Ironically, death threats, you know, the things the anti-MDs sometimes verbalize, are not protected. You can negotiate with people in exchange for certain things but not in exchange for freedom of speech or due process.
by Procedure April 24, 2010
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