/ˈmɒfət/ (moffating, to moffat, moffated, moffats etc.)

Basically trolling a fandom by ending a TV series season with a cliffhanger, an extremely frustrating ending and/or killing of a character and (optionally) then going on a hiatus for more than a year, all the while managing to make said fandom still love you.

After moffating a fandom there will be A) a lot of online sadness for the deceased character and/or B) internet (crack)theories and/or C) quite a bit of good old fashioned Internet rage against the writer of the episode. Good examples are Sherlock or Doctor Who.
Person 1: Oh my god! Did you see the ending of {insert series}? Classic moffat.
Person 2: Yes, the forums are going crazy with theories!
by Someone on the Internet July 13, 2013
A man who looks like a douche but somehow still manages to pick up perfect tens.
Steve is totally a Moffat but damn look at that chick he's with she is a perfect ten
by Quirkly February 19, 2011
A cross breed between a goblin and a troll, a Moffat doesnt live beneath a bridge and doesnt eat sheep but takes pleasure in seeing little children. Also has an extremely odd personality but when provoked will get very angry
He's as mad as a Moffat
by jp29 July 07, 2012
one who has become wildly drunk, in a hilarious manner to the rest of the party.
Dude, that guy is straight moffat. He just headbutted a garbage can!
by jjmcdnnc April 04, 2010
- Foul-smelling, fairy beasht.
- Can obtain legendary status on occasions.
"That dirty Moffat is after oil-checking me with my own finger!! How does he do it??"
by Marty Scanlon November 07, 2007
A person who is the lowest form of ultimate scum.
"Man you smell like a right moffat"
by Larry 2.0 April 27, 2007

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