Similar to a standard Dutch Oven however you hock a loogie on the ceiling above the head of the person you are attempting to Dutch Oven. The person is then forced to choose. Option #1 let the loogie fall and hit them in the face or Option #2, pull the covers over their head and hold their breathe until the loogie falls, thus self inflicting the Dutch Oven.
Hey Jonny how did that Modified Dutch Oven Go last night? Great she went for option 2 and ran out of breathe. She ended up with both options.. It was EPIC>>
by vinnypo3 March 04, 2011
Top Definition
While laying in bed with your old lady. Rip ass as quietly as possible as not to alert the unwhitting victim. After you've built up enough stink, Raise one or both feet puling the stench into a tent, via- vacuum suction. Then carefully lift a small section of blanket prefferably under the victims nose. and all at once drop your feet sending the condensed stink into the face of your unlucky victim.
Mike thought that the "Dutch Oven" just would not do the job, and instead decided to go with the "Modified Dutch Oven."
by Terd Furguson January 15, 2007
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