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When IW decides to turn its back on the PC community that have supported the franchise since the start and remove dedicated servers, cap the game at 9v9, no mod support, no console. Complete and utter disrespect for the PC.
I relly love playing against 4-8 year olds on IWNET and listening to their vulgar and racist comments on why they should have won. I'm so glad I'm waiting in a lobby with other players waiting to start a game and not playing on my favourite servers

by jm12369 November 10, 2009
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The term used by people who think they are really good at gaming, but when they play Modern Warfare they realise that they are actually a noob. When they ask their friends what they think about the game, they realise that is is actually awesome, and they just suck at it. This makes them jealous, and they go and cry into their Halo bedspreads.
P1: omg i had an awesome game last night, i was 40:2 and i killed 4 people with one RPG!

P2: Modern Warfail is lame

P1: Are you saying that because you suck at it?

P2: Yes.
by AngryJackr August 28, 2010

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