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to call a friend out on what he/she is going to sarcastically respond before they are able to do so.
Like the term famously known as 'cock block,' a 'mock block' brings a friend down, and he/she is not able to make a crappy comment because they have already been called out.
by dfwmary March 03, 2010
V. Derived from the term Cock-Block. When a friend or bystander prevents you from making fun of someone.
You: Hey man, do you like fish dicks?
Friend: Just leave that poor kid alone.
You: Thanks a lot you mock-blocker.
by gerbinator2013 July 23, 2009
The act of making fun of yourself to preempt a funnier person from making fun of you. Used by less humorous folk as a defense mechanism.
Jill mock blocked Jack by making fun of her hill climbing skills before Jack could land his zinger.
by JumpingBakflash December 20, 2013