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An accent aquired by many northern new mexicans, causing vowels to become elongated and exaggerated. Sounding similar to an accent aquirred by someone who primarily speaks spanish...however the moch accent is done in english. this can also be closely related to spanglish, and poorly formulated sentences.
"Eeee Bro! Mi ruca (my girlfriend) waaas home all day an' she deedn't (didn't) even do nawthing (nothing)." --notice their are spanish words, double negatives and elongated vowels. this is the sounds of moch.
by es tha amber August 18, 2011
Short for "mochiron", which is a Japanese word meaning "Of course". Used by the character Akira on the Japanese television drama (dorama) Nobuta wo Produce.
Shuji: Can I just say something...
Akira: Moch!

Do you wanna go see the new Harry Potter film?

Would you like some Oronamin C?
by yamete_evie December 12, 2005
Highland slang. Female Jewels.
"Give us a deek o your moch!"
by bobajob1 November 29, 2011
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