'Mo' meaning 'more', bitches meaning 'females'. 'Mo bitches' can usually be found with good friend 'Mr Bitches' or in a club swarmed by bitches.
I heard that!
by Mo Bitches July 18, 2010
Top Definition
Girl talking loudly on mobilephone, girls addicted to talking and texting, especially in movie theatres and public transportation
Last night in the theatre, i could not enjoy the movie, some Mobitch was receiving calls and talking constantly.
by tomtucker February 12, 2011
Nickname: Arnold Schwarzenegger: Or some one who will raw dog a Mexican maid, grope a thousand women, and in general raise an illegitimate family, in the same house as his legitimate family... And will never apologize for using steroids.
1.Man, Mo Bitches is a really great actor.
2.Mo Bitches is the Governor of Califorina.
3.I wish Mo Bitches was here right now, he could lift this heavy object, and probably assault a woman, and no one would care, because the movie Predator was so awesome.
by A_Hung_Gentleman April 02, 2012
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