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Creepin from another location besides your home, or personal or public computer. Mobile Creepin is best used when you need quick information about someone thats currently the subject of conversation. Mobile Creepin is most efficient when using the newest technology such as the Apple Ipod Touch, Iphone, Android software phones and the Blackberry. Although not recommended because of data charges, Mobile Creepin on web browsers for older phones is also a method that can be used. Mobile Creepin also includes viewing statuses and posts from all social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace if people still actually use that.
Cary: Man I have to show you this girl that wants to talk to you.
Tremaine: Dang, Forreal what she look like?
Cary: I'll show you her facebook when we get back to the room.
Tremaine: The room? Just give me her name, imma do some Mobile Creepin real quick.
by marqusp December 11, 2010
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