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a fight with italian people with accents (like me) and NOT people that think that they are (like posers). the italians have to have a reason to fight- self defense, a guy that screwed your wife, a person that didnt pay the boss, or simply because he pissed you off. in mob fights, the italian that is fighting may use anything to kick the person's ass- fists, knives, bottles, loafers, pool sticks, pool balls, pool table, pain of glass, baseball bat, taxi door, ect.
Joe Pesci: "what, you wanna go, huh? been foolin around with my wife, or are you just being a fag?" picks up pool table, hits guy. beats the shit out of him, takes him outside and slams the taxi door shut in his head.

a good old Mob Fight!
by Pietro Hogue May 05, 2008
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