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A typically quiet yet attractive girl who moans loudly during sex.
She seems shy, but turns into a real Moana Lisa in the sack!
by Stephen McCormick May 05, 2007
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a moaner with a weird sex-face
i couldnt tell if that moanalisa was crowning or cumming?!
by pr0nboi December 04, 2010
A famous painting made my michaelangelo of a "smiling"girl,he supposedley planned to make it hard to tell if she's smiling at you or with you
Person at museaum 1 to person 2:hey,look,theres the famous painting of moana lisa

person at museaum 2:cool.michaelangelo did great work didnt he?

person at museaum1:yes,he did.
by history geek May 27, 2010

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