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When two models or a director/organiser and a model from a fashion show, shoot or other, get it together. This is either in public or behind closed doors. The term Originated in Leeds after a University semi professional fashion show, filled with mo mance, spun out of control and made the local papers.
So did you hear about the Leeds R.A.G. fashion show? Mo mance central.

Man, those two models are so Mo mancing at the moment.

I haven't yet had any Mo mance in this show yet.

That director and model are having an inappropriate mo mance.
by Mark L7 February 28, 2011
When two homosexual people are best friends. It can be two gay guys, or two lesbians, or a lesbian and a gay guy. They are not in a romantic relationship they are just two best friends who both happen to be gay.
Steven and I have a mo-mance because I'm a lesbian and hes a gay guy!
by elainaxmarie October 16, 2009
The secret Love relationship between 2 contestants (Mo Chocolate and 8-bit Mickey) on The Tester. We found out about this on the episode that 8-bit Mickey got kicked off.
That wasn't know Bromance, that was a Momance
by Crieo November 23, 2010
Mutual admiration of another man's moustache. This often occurs during 'Movember' (a new initiative whereby men grow moustaches during the month of November in aid of male charities).

During this period men can often be found having deep and meaningful conversations about their new facial hair the toilet.
Dude, did you check those fags having momance in the pisser?
Yeah moustaches are so gay.

Ewww those guys look like rapists!
Yeah they're having momantic moment.
by HookDog January 27, 2010
The extremely close relationship between a homosexual and a heterosexual of opposite sexes. Either a homosexual male and a straight female, or a Lesbian and a straight male.
Jim was dating around in the gay community, and Amy was on and off dating a gentleman, yet Amy and Jim hung out almost constantly. They shared very similar views and outlooks, and had a very very strong friendship. Thier Mo-mance was something that not many people understood.
by Rakion October 17, 2009
The romance between a heterosexual woman and a homosexual man. Sometimes referred to as a hag, this definition is more respectful of the straight woman who prefers the company of "gay" men to other hetero women.
Rachel and Scott have been having a mo-mance for the last year. Although she has a boyfriend, she shares an emotional relationship with Scott that her boyfriend would never understand.
by Sophia@SpaMafia December 15, 2008
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