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An alternate word to replace many other words to rip someone or talk smack. Replaces "mother fucker" well
Instead of "he's a fuckin' deadbeat" you can say "he's a fuckin' mofackie". "come over here and let me kick your mofackie ass."
by Jessica Firecat October 06, 2005

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A motherfucker. Different from mofo, Mo Fackie is a breed unto its own. The large difference between Mo Fackie and mofo is that unlike mofo, Mo Fackie is an exaggeration on 80's slang. Furthermore, Mo Fackie relies on assonance to assimilate itself to mofo.
Hey, Hoo Kid, that's one ka-raaaaaazy Mo Fackie we got {sic} here.
by Hardcore Tor August 09, 2004