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1) doing work
2) pimping
3) networking
4) selling
5) possessing too much chi (the energetic force behind all life)
6) gettin’ ‘er done
7) being a social butterfly
8) coming through in clutch situations
9) living the dream
10) working hard
11) “climbing the ladder”
12) being a celebrity
13) recruiting
14) motivational speaking
15) dancing
16) groovin’
17) performing generous acts
18) recommending
19) rollin’ like a big shot
20) hustlin’
21) competing
22) making “it” happen
23) the act of an EPIC food fight taking place: WAFFLE ICE CREAM CONES & SHELLS & CHEESE!!!
24) LOVING LIFE = mixing cakes. (that’s why the master cake mixer defining this definition is the “Betty Crocker” of cake mixing & teaches the collegiate courses: “mixing cakes 101”
26) multitasking efficiently
27) giving for the return of good karma
28) being "cocky"
29) possessing a fountain of knowledge, yet always learning more
30) having swagger
Mixing cakes is the act of doing something very well and loving it; knowing your shizzle; running the show and being successful.
by jacky5er September 25, 2010
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