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Strange looking bloke, seems attracted to the human anus. Untrustworthy appearance, unusual body odour.
That Mitergreen bloke is over there.
by Steve's Mum March 26, 2003
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Person who likes the ass so much that he goes for all the young irc boys from austnet.. He needs a tight pooper to get his penif in to touch the sides.
by Sadam April 01, 2003
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Greatest bloke in the world, nice as pie to the ladies, doesnt like pooper holes.
by Steve's Mum April 01, 2003
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wrecker of ladies poopers, luvs to make a exit hole a entry hole...even tho it might be small!!!! Its enuff to make'em squirm
why use lube when i can spit on it..mitergreen style
by Steve's Mum March 27, 2003
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