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The Mission Impossible Teabag is an extension of the practical joke to Teabag someone: To insert one's nuts into the mouth of another (of either gender), usually while they are sleeping. Can either be a situation of laughter or of excruciating pain, depending on whether the victim is a biter. To be a Mission Impossible Teabag one must be suspended in the air above the victim. The star position works well, but if required, a tuck and ball position may be used if mates are used to support your body over the victim.
Jess was wondering what the new pulley system and rock climbing rope/harness attached to the ceiling was for, but she later found out when she saw the pictures posted all over the internet at under this weeks Mission Impossible Teabag

Mel was so tired from work she didn't even make it to bed and just crashed out on the couch. So as boys do, with trusty friends there to hold his arms, Geoff was lowered over to do the deed and performed another successful Mission Impossible Teabag
by AJ_Phlare October 07, 2010
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