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An Awesome song by the finnish band, Lordi.
off the album "deadache" the song is about a young girl, called Charlene who suddenly disappears without a trace and the description of the village without her hence "The playground is forsaken, cold and greying," meaning that she was the light of the village.
rocker1 "dude did you hear that Lordi song "Missing miss charrlene"?

rocker 2 " yeah it's a brilliant song ,i have the lyrics in my pocket"
Now there was something about her
She made the villagers smile
How could anybody wanna hurt her
And wanna make her mommy cry

Angels high
The devil now walks amongst manking
Heavens high
A lock of golden hair was all that's left behind
She's outta sight

Whatever happened to the little lady
In the darkness she's forever waiting
The light is gone but hope is never fading
Where could she be - dear missing miss Charlene

The playground is forsaken, cold and greying
The silence muting all the nightbirds wailing
These woods are heartless and there's no escaping
Where could she be - dear missing miss Charlene

A monster stole dear Charlene for good

Taking pitchforks and torches
Hunting down the one they will blame
They are obsesses to see the smoking scorches
Forgetting little miss Arcane

These shady woods belie forbidden secrets
The swings are moving by themself at sunset
Her golden hair is tangled, skin is all wet
Where could she be - dear missing miss Charlene

There is something buried in my backyard
The dogs are crazy, they are digging real hard
If they dig enough they might go too far
But she's not there, she and her golden hair
No, she's not there

A monster stole dear Charlene
by Metalfan 2010 November 03, 2010
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