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The Missile Mk.II is the most powerful class of the Missiles. It is constructed by using the basic principals of joint smithing. You Take one rolling paper(preferably Zig-Zag) and apply 5grams of cannabis resin to the paper then add a thin sheet of tobacco on top. When shaped nicely, roll, when rolled take a poking device and pack each end of the jont down as far as possible without making it too tight or ripping the skin twist at one end and roach the other...Spark that Bad Boy and it'll blow you away!

Notes: Making Missiles is not for the amateur roller.
Rolling to tight will not allow a balls reek to come out.
Not for first time smokers- THEY WILL WHITIE!
"Awww Shaggy Man Dare You Roll A Missile Mk.II?" "Oh You Dam Right To The Balls..."
by Scott Millar February 20, 2005

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