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born in the call of duty series, a miss scoper was coined due to how many times they "miss" the target they shoot at before they hit it. A miss scoper is usually another optic quick scoping wannabe who would love nothing more then to be a optic sniper but misses his quickscopes more then he hits them. This quickscoper will miss you about 4 to 5 times but possibly MIGHT hit you once. If he does manage to hit you once, he will go on and on about how he is a "pro" even though he misses 4 shots before he hits you once. Miss scopers usually have an accuracy of 30 to 35% with his sniper.
Miss Scoper *after finally killing his target on the 6th shot* - dude i am so pro, i don't know why optic hasn't recruited me yet!.

Hard Scoper *after killing the miss scoper with one shot* - dude, maybe they haven't recruited you because you miss 5 quickscopes before you hit one.

Miss Scoper - shut up you stupid hardscoper, i am a pro, did you not see that kill cam?

Hard Scoper - if being a "pro" sniper means missing 5 times and then killing your opponent then I'd rather be a "hardscoper" you miss your shots more then once, i don't miss, all i need is one bullet.
by el rey infared April 11, 2011
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