An eating contest for fat people. Mainly reserved for females but can include some males as well.

To enter you must be over 200-250 pounds and love to eat constantly. Also never get any physical activity and remain a fat disgusting blob for your lifetime.
This year's Miss Ballooniverse is known as Twisted Elegance. Also called Autumn. Congratulations fatso.
by SalvatoreVitale Fat Lisp December 24, 2008
Top Definition
A contest for the fattest bitch in the world.

Currently the contestants include Rebecca R. from Houston Texas and Autumn ( twisted elegance ) from Allentown PA.

The contest measures who is the fattest and homliest bitch in the world. It's an imitation contest of the real thing.

It's strictly for fatso's like the above mentioned.
The Miss Ballooniverse contest will be in Allentown Next year.
by rjjfg November 13, 2008
yorrick's momma or yorrick's old lady resembles a ballooniverse
yorrick's momma is a fat fucking miss.ballooniverse
by SGT.PLOW February 01, 2008
like Miss Universe, only fatter
Keep stuffing your cake hole with junk food darling, and one day you will realise your dream of becoming Miss Ballooniverse.
by yorrick hunt January 23, 2008
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