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A place where Aryan, blonde hair, blue eyed, misogynist MEN train for the erradication and dessimation of all Female judens. located at grid coordinates N 06061944 W 05301986.
Go back to your home on misogyny island!!
by kafr January 04, 2012
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Imagine a beautiful tropical island with trees and clear skies. Excellent view of night stars. Gorgeous sun rises and sun sets. Beautiful dismembered female bodies on the beach from the chaos the MG-42's brought on to them. Beach water that is always bright red. Misogyny Island became its own country in 1986 when the last remaining females were enslaved on the island. A 3 night 2 day stay consists of female target practice, female delicacies and females that will eat out your asshole. KAF!
"Dude, Im going to Vegas! Party!"
"Go ahead! Im going back to Misogyny Island where the females are sluts and slots!"
by desertfox86 January 04, 2012

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